We’re Not Fracturing the Resistance—We’re Identifying Our Warrior Leaders…And Our Judas Iscariots

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Have you seen the June 2015 article from Breitbart entitled, “Here’s Why There Ought to Be a Cap on Women Studying Science and Maths,” which argues that “there ought to be a cap on the number of women enrolling in the sciences, maths, philosophy, engineering…and perhaps medicine and the law, too.” You can check it out to get the details, but yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.

This is just one of the many things Breitbart—run by Bannon, the guy who is now calling the shots behind the scenes of our nation—thinks about women. This is how they talk about women to each other. This is what they say as they high-five each other and shake their heads, thinking about how so much has been taken from them when others demand equality.

But this isn’t just about women, because if you check out Breitbart, you’ll see that women aren’t the only ones in their crosshairs. There are also people of color, of course, and anyone not Christian. And anyone not firmly and unquestionably heterosexual and cisgender. And poor people—those lazy, good-for-nothing people living in poverty. And it’s about the people who may not fall into any of those categories but are nonetheless allies of the people who do.

In fact, when you really look at who is being targeted by the Bannon agenda—the agenda that is getting free reign as Trump does everything Bannon wants him to do—it’s most of us.

And this is why we need to start looking past identity politics and start seeing what brings us together:

What do they want to do to all of us, and how do they plan to do it?

How can we come together to protect each other and help each other?

There are a lot of poor people who voted for Trump and are sexist and racist and homophobic, but we need to see what they won’t see: they’re on the hit list too, just further down. So let’s ask ourselves:

Are we prepared to protect them too? Even if they want to hurt us and the people we care about?

And most of all—we need to identify:

Who are our warrior leaders?

Who are the people not willing to sacrifice ANYONE to the Trump/Bannon agenda, no matter what?

Calling out our elected officials for being willing to compromise in the face of this existential threat is not “fracturing our movement”—it’s making clear that the leaders we fight behind and fight with must be fighting FOR ALL OF US. They must be leaders who will serve up no community as the sacrificial lamb in the name of “compromise” with fascism.

Because something like caps on professions may seem like something small, and we have to choose our battles, but a warrior leader will know that we must fight every step the opposition takes toward consolidating power. Every single step. Even the little ones. And when they don’t, when they vote with those who are pushing this fascist agenda, then they are compromising our lives.

ALL of our lives.

We must reject the narrative that tells us that pointing out the Judas Iscariots among us fractures and weakens us. Until we know who our false leaders are, we cannot know how we can fight with our warrior leaders.

Josephine Moore is a writer, editor, and political activist living in Upstate New York. After representing Bernie Sanders as a delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, she continues her work to organize progressives to come together to effect progressive change in our political system. She has two children, two dogs, two cats, only one husband (thank goodness), and a whole lotta opinions.

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