We are progressives.

We are seeking a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. For us, it should be that simple.

And yet there is a wide spectrum of progressive voices: What exactly does that world look like? How should we get there? Where do start?

So often the richness of our voices sounds less like civil discourse and more like partisan in-fighting. Meanwhile, corporate mainstream media and political elites use this to mischaracterize and scapegoat us so they can implement policies and practices that leave people marginalized, suffering, and looking toward a bleak future.

So we created the Progressive Spectrum to explore alternate viewpoints, respectfully discuss disagreements, and find our common ground.

We know that only by celebrating dissent and embracing diversity can we truly unite to bring about real progressive change for our families, our communities, our nation, our world.

We are here to speak truth to power. To explore the strength in our differences. To be heard.

The corporate-political-media machine may think they’ve once again silenced us. But we’re still here. We’re still working.

We’re not done.